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Leading Private Jet Charter Operators

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This is a handy list of leading-private-jet-charter-operators. Flying with the airlines can be a time consuming as well as risky proposition for businessmen as well as for people of wealth. If you absolutely, positively must get somewhere fast you are putting your trust in a system that is overcrowded, inconvenient, and failing when you fly with the airlines. What are your options? Rent or lease a private jet. The following list features some of the leading private jet charter operators in the U.S.


Atlantic Aviation Flight Services
Automotive Air Charter
Avjet Corporation
Business Jet Services
Clay Lacy Aviation
Delta AirElite
Elite Aviation
Executive Jet Mgt
FirstFlight Management LLC
Jet Aviation
Key Air
Million Air
New World Aviation
Petersen Aviation
Priester Aviation
Regal Aviation
Richmor Aviation
TAG Aviation
The Air Group
Trans-Exec Air Service

One common thread with each of the operators is that they fly large cabin aircraft. This group is defined by, but not limited to, the following types of aircraft:


Gulfstream 450; 550
Boeing Business Jet
Canadair Challenger 604
Bombardier Global Express; 800
Falcon 2000

In each case you get the security of having two highly trained FAA licensed pilots and you can opt for a corporate flight attendant to provide cabin services and safety assistance. These are no King Airs, Lears, and Westwinds you will be flying. Many rent for $7000. per hour on up. But, when you are talking about closing on a merger or acquisition in the morning in Dallas and being back in your Boston office in the afternoon the price is inconsequential.

There are also several operations that will allow you to purchase a portion of a jet. No, you don’t get a wing only, rather — much like a timeshare — you get to use a private jet operated by one of the providers. Chief amongst these specialized providers are:

Flight Options

A third option is to approach one of the private jet aircraft brokers who will arrange the trip for you. Chief amongst these types of providers are:

Gold Jets
Marquis Jet

All in all, private flying is where it’s at. If you live in the New York area, you can fly out of convenient Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and land at Van Nuys Airport near Los Angeles. By avoiding Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark airports you save precious time and land unruffled in L.A. Who can put a price tag on that?

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